Welcome to DANRIS-X

The Annual Plan, Annual Report and CASA modules are closed for data entry.  However, you may run retrievals/reports from these modules for any prior fiscal year.  In addition, the FY 2017 Annual Evaluation retrieval is available in the Annual Report module.


DANRIS-X will be replaced by Project Board for FY 2018 reporting. More information, timelines, and trainings can be found on the help page (in progress): http://ucanr.edu/sites/ProjectBoardHelp/



DANRIS-X Backgound


DANRIS-X has three modules: Annual Plan, Annual Report and CASA. DANRIS-X enables ANR academics to more fully document their activities and impacts and to record, in one place, information needed for several purposes -- CE Advisor program reviews and annual assessments as well as county, state and federal reports. All records that you enter are stored indefinitely.

Annual Plan: Collects information on two levels for the work you plan during the future federal fiscal year 2018-2019. One level collects information on the ANR Issues you will address, and how much FTE you will direct toward particular sub-issue areas ("Knowledge Areas") in each of your ANR Issues. The second level captures information about the research and extension project(s) or program(s) you will conduct to address selected ANR Issue(s).

CASA: Collects your clientele contact and outreach information for the current federal fiscal year 2017-2018.

Annual Report: Collects information on two levels for the current federal fiscal year 2017-2018. One level collects data for the program/projects you identified in your Annual Plan. This includes data on extension/research/ creative activities, outcomes and multi state extension activities. The second level allows you to enter data on your University/Public Service and Professional Competence, not specific to your projects/programs. It is designed to capture information about your activities and accomplishments as they occur each year.

Information collected for the following areas is needed for compliance with federal reporting requirements: Extension./Research./Creative Activities, Outcomes and Multi state Activity. These are marked with an asterisk on the left menu.

NFCS Advisors  - You do NOT need to enter your EFNEP or CalFresh program information into DANRIS-X if it is included in the separate, specific reporting required for those respective programs.

If you need assistance, contact Chris Hanson at christopher.hanson@ucop.edu, or 510-987-0628 or Kit Alviz at kit.alviz@ucop.edu, or at 510-987-0027.